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Acuity Controls™

It's Not Just Smarter, It's Easier

Acuity Controls is advanced lighting controls technology, service and support from a single expert source. We offer one of the industry's most extensive product portfolios for indoor and outdoor lighting applications. Our product solutions include occupancy sensors, photocell sensors, centralized and distributed systems, panels, fixture-integrated sensors, and wired and wireless lighting control systems that simply work.

nLight® nLight®

The nLight solution is a digital networked lighting control system that provides both energy savings and increased user configurability by cost effectively integrating time-based, daylight-based, sensor-based and manual lighting control schemes.

Sensor Switch® Sensor Switch®

Sensor Switch solutions are a leader in lighting control innovation, offering a broad selection of stand-alone to fully networked controls to meet every application need. This specific lighting control system can manage multiple lighting zones from a centralized location while accurately scheduling times to shut off lights to save costs.

Fresco™ Fresco™

The Fresco family of high-performance lighting controls provides a network of lighting management panels, third-party integration solutions and configuration software working together to manage multiple light sources in multiple lighting zones.


The DTL product line is the leader in high-quality, cost-effective electronic outdoor photocontrols. Energy efficient and exceptionally reliable, DTL products are designed for a variety of applications including roadway, area lighting, floodlights, security and residential.


The ROAM system is a wireless outdoor lighting management system that helps minimize maintenance costs, optimize energy use and provide an improved nighttime environment.

XPoint™ Wireless XPoint™ Wireless

XPoint™ Wireless technology, a flexible, wireless lighting control system for high bay and parking garage applications, enables users to configure lighting in zones or as individual luminaires, allowing light level adjustment for occupancy, available daylight, wall stations, time of day, BMS integration or critical load shed events.

Blue Box™ Blue Box™

The Blue Box system is a simple, cost-effective alternative to traditional time clocks, twist timers and contactors. Available in three enclosure sizes, the Blue Box family is the ideal solution for most small to medium-sized projects.

Synergy® Synergy®

Synergy Lighting Controls unites all aspects of lighting controls – including switching, architectural dimming, intelligent ballast controls, occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting – into a single system. Synergy systems are scalable to fit the needs of the space and are easily customized.


LC&D systems offer practical hardware and software solutions ranging from switching and dimming relay panels and fixture modules to versatile floor plan software and building automation interfaces. Systems are digital and scalable, eliminating the need for complex choices about which "level" of system to use.

    Marketing Tools


    Brochures and Catalogs
    nLight Quick Reference Guide 

    Flyers and Sell Sheets
    US Point of Manufacture (USPOM) Flyer
    nLight nTune Sell Sheet

    Application Guides
    Title 24 2016 Application Guide
    ASHRAE 90.1 2013 Application Guide 
    ASHRAE 90.1 2010 Application Guide  
    IECC Application Guide
    WSEC 2015 Application Guide
    FBC 2014 Application Guide
    FBC 2017 Quick Reference Guide

    Case Studies
    Chicago School District
    Commercial Office Case Study


    Sensor Switch®

    Brochures and Catalogs
    Sensor Switch Catalog
    Mini Product Guide
    Quick Recommendation Guide
    Data Logger Monitoring System 

    Flyers and Sell Sheets
    Decoding Daylight Harvesting
    SBOR Performance Test
    Sensor Switch Mobile App FAQ

    Sensor Basics
    Wall Switch Sensors
    Working with Data Loggers 

    Case Studies
    Connecticut Public Safety Building
    Middlesex Community College
    State of Connecticut Office Building
    Thomas Edison Middle School
    UConn Law School 

    VLP Mobile Lighting App Video (Camera Flash)
    VLP Mobile Lighting App Video (Bluetooth®)
    VLP Mobile App Bluetooth® Configuration for Large Scale Applications


    nLight AIR

    Brochures and Catalogs
    nLight AIR Brochure 

    Flyers and Sell Sheets
    nLight AIR Sell Sheet
    nLight AIR FAQ 
    nLight AIR Video
    nLight AIR Installation Video
    CLAIRITYTM Pro Startup Video



    Brochures and Catalogs
    Fresco Brochure 

    Flyers and Sell Sheets
    Fresco Family Sell Sheet
    Fresco Dynamic Spaces Sell Sheet - Ballroom
    Fresco Dynamic Spaces Sell Sheet - Boardroom
    Fresco Dynamic Spaces Sell Sheet - Gymnatorium
    Fresco Dynamic Spaces Sell Sheet - Lobby and Facade
    Fresco Dynamic Spaces Sell Sheet - Restaurant
    Fresco Dynamic Spaces Sell Sheet - Retail
    Application Guides
    Fresco Dynamic Spaces Application Guide
    Mainstream Dynamic Application Guide 

    Fresco Overview



    Brochures and Catalogs
    DTL Product Catalog
    Building Smarter More Connected Cities
    The Business Case for Smart Street Lights



    Brochures and Catalogs
    ROAM Brochure
    ROAMview Brochure
    Bringing Order to Chaos: ROAM Presentation
    ROAMview Online Demo

    Case Studies
    Plymouth School District (ROAM)
    City of Glendale, AZ (ROAM)
    Camelback Toyota (ROAM)
    Circuit of the Americas (ROAMview)

    The ROAM Story Video
    Austin Energy Converts to LED Network


    XPoint™ Wireless

    Brochures and Catalogs
    Covered Parking Solutions Brochure
    Flyers and Sell Sheets
    XPoint Wireless Sell Sheet
    SensorView 13 Sell Sheet
    XPoint Wireless System Cheat Sheet
    XPoint Wireless Holophane Sell Sheet

    Application Guides
    Food Processing Solutions Guide
    Manufacturing Solutions Guide
    Warehousing and Logistics Solutions Guide
    Holophane Food Processing Solutions Guide
    Holophane Heavy Industrial Solutions Guide
    Holophane Manufacturing Solutions Guide

    Projects and Case Studies
    Warehouse Lighting Renovation (Video)
    Steel-Coating Factory LED Upgrade (Case Study)
    LED Warehouse, Zero Maintenance (Case Study)



    Brochures and Catalogs
    Integrated Lighting Control System Brochure
    SwitchPak Relay Panel Brochure

    Application Guides
    Intelligent Ballast Control Application Guide

    Case Studies
    Aquarium of the Americas
    Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall
    Canadian Forces Base: Air Rescue Hanger
    Crazy Horse Steakhouse
    First American Financial
    Fresno Convention Center
    Miller Park: Home of the Milwaukee Brewers
    Saint Vincent Medical Center
    Southtowne Exposition Center


    Startup Services

    Specification Sheets
    Controls System Startup
    Controls System Toubleshooting
    Onsite Training
    Preconstruction Meeting

    Technical Tools


    User Guides
    nTune Grayscale and Color Accent User Guide
    nTune Tunable White Programming Guide
    nLight Relay Panel Programming Guide
    nLight Programming Videos
    OpenADR Application Note
    nComm Kit User Guide
    Graphic Wallpod User Guide
    nConfig User Guide
    nLight Explorer User Guide
    nLight BMS Integration Guide
    Daylighting Control White Paper

    LightFlex LED nLight Controls Start-Up and Programming Video
    ENVYSION Training Video
    nConfig Mobile Lighting App for nLight® Controls programming

    Operation and Maintenance
    nLight O&M Manual

    Programming Sheets
    nLight Enabled LED Luminaires
    Occupancy Sensors
    Photocell Sensors
    Wall Switch Occupancy Sensors
    Two-Pole Occupancy Sensors
    Relay Packs
    Push Button Wallpods

    Hardware Guides
    nLight Pocket Guide - Fold Out
    nLight Pocket Guide - 11x17
    nLight User O&M Manual
    nLight IT Requirements

    Specification Documents
    nLight ECLYPSE BACnet PIC Statement 
    nLight ECLYPSE BACnet Object Quick Reference Guide
    nLight Performance Specification
    nLight Network Lighting Control Specification
    nFloorPlan Spec Sheet
    GreenScreen Software Spec Sheet 
    nComKit Spec Sheet 
    Wallpod Engraving Form


    nLight Typicals


    Sensor Switch®

    User Guides
    Data Logger Installation Guidelines
    Data Logger Field Monitoring Form
    Data Logger Software Quick-Start Guide
    Data Logger Request Form
    Failsafe Sensor Behavior
    Time Delay Programming
    VLP App Bluetooth User Guide
    VLP Flash Programming Quick Start Guide

    Specification Documents
    CSI Specifications
    White Papers
    Occupancy Sensor Technologies White Paper
    High Bay Occupancy Sensors White Paper
    Daylighting Control White Paper
    NEC 2011 White Paper

    Wiring Diagrams
    Wall Switch Wiring Diagrams
    Ceiling Mount Wiring Diagrams
    Daylight Control Wiring Diagrams
    Wall Mount Wiring Diagrams
    Fixture Mount Wiring Diagrams
    Power Packs & Secondary Packs Wiring Diagrams
    Embedded Occupancy Wiring Diagrams
    Wall Pods Wiring Diagrams
    Wireless Wiring Diagrams


    nLight® AIR

    User Guides
    nLight Quick Start Guide
    CLAIRITYTM User Guide

    Operation and Maintenance
    nLight AIR O&M Manual

    Specification Documents
    CLAIRITYTM Mobile App Spec Sheet



    User Guides
    Fresco User Guide
    Fresco Quick-Start Guide
    Fresco nLight Processor and Device Update
    Fresco / iPad Bluetooth Pairing
    Fresco Fixture Library
    Fresco Studio Scheduler User Guide
    Fresco Studio Input Masking
    Fresco Function Deep Dive
    Fresco Touchscreen Firmware Update Process
    Fresco BACnetTM User Guide
    Fresco and nLight Compatibility Information

    Specification Documents
    CSI Specifications
    Fresco RB Engraving Form

    Fresco/nLight Integration Using BACnet/IP Client
    Home Screen Overview
    How to Create and Delete a Scene

    Fresco Typicals



    Specification Documents
    Cadmium Sulfide vs. Silicon
    Condensation Sensation
    Stop Cycling Now
    Multi-Volt Photocontrols
    Photocontrol Surge Protection
    Photocontrol Testing
    The Best of Cadium Sulfide and Silicon in One Affordable Photocontrol
    Specification Guideline for DTL DSN, an Itron Ready Networked Photocontrol
    Specification Guideline for Itron Network Platform’s NaaS and SaaS



    User Guides
    ROAMview Setup Guide
    Deco Utility Installation Guide
    DCM Installation Guide
    ROAMview System Information Requirements
    ROAM Server Requirements
    ROAMview Installation Worksheet
    ROAM Enterprise / Concierge Manual Installation Worksheet
    Cellular Gateway Quick-Start Guide
    Ethernet Gateway Quick-Start Guide
    ROAM Enterprise / Concierge Activation Options
    ROAM Concierge Pre-Deployment Checklist
    ROAM Enterprise Pre-Deployment Checklist
    Onsite Service Request Form 

    Specification Documents
    ROAM 480V Node Control Specification 
    ROAM DCM Control Specification 
    ROAM Decorative Node Control Specification 
    ROAM Gateway Control Specification 
    ROAM 120V-277V Node Control Specification
    ROAM Division 16 System Specification


    XPoint™ Wireless

    User Guides
    Floorplan Barcode Instructions

    Specification Documents

    CSI Specifications
    IT Requirements
    Specification FAQs
    SensorView FAQs
    Emergency Lighting Application Note

    XPoint Wireless Typicals
    XPoint Wireless with nLight Typical


    Blue Box™

    User Guides
    Chelsea AP Switch Programming Guide



    Specification Documents
    Synergy Division 16 Specification
    Synergy Division 26 Specification
    SwitchPak Division 16 Specification
    SwitchPak Division 25 Specification
    SwitchPak Division 26 Specification
    Synergy PIC Statement (Firmware V2.72)
    Synergy Exp. PIC Statement (Firmware V2.73)
    Synergy Exp. PIC Statement (Firmware V2.72)
    Synergy PIC Statement (Firmware V2.67)
    Synergy PIC Statement (Firmware V2.66)
    BACnet FAQ
    BACnet Terms for Synergy Usage
    SPAK MSTP PIC Statement
    SPAK Expanded MSTP PIC statement
    GSA Guide TO BACnet
    Synergy BACnet Integration
    Synergy RS-232 Command Set (Protocol V2.11)

    Operation and Maintenance
    Synergy O&M Manual

    Typicals - PDF Files
    2, 3 & 4 Pole, Mulitpole Contactor Wiring
    Sensor Zones with Isolated Relay-MP20
    Sensor Zones with Isolated Relay-SYPM 8L
    Ethernet Network Wiring
    DMX Network Wiring
    System Architecture Using Ethernet Wiring
    System Architecture Using Arcnet Wiring
    Arcnet Network With Repeater Wiring
    Arcnet to Fiber Conversion Network Wiring
    Arcnet Ethernet Network Converter Wiring
    Master Secondary Network Wiring
    MS/TP Network Wiring
    Remote Station Network Wiring
    Remote Station Network with Repeater Wiring
    A/V Input Using RS232 Wiring
    Shade/Screen Control using Dry Contacts Wiring

    Typicals - DWG Files
    2, 3 & 4 Pole, Mulitpole Contactor Wiring
    Ethernet Network Wiring 
    DMX Network Wiring 
    System Architecture Using Ethernet Wiring
    System Architecture Using Arcnet Wiring
    Arcnet Network With Repeater Wiring
    Arcnet to Fiber Conversion Network Wiring
    Arcnet to Ethernet Network Converter Wiring
    Master Secondary Network Wiring
    MS/TP Network Wiring
    Remote Station Network Wiring
    Remote Station Network with Repeater Wiring
    Synergy to Minipac Network Wiring
    A/V Input Using RS232 Wiring
    Shade/Screen Control Using Dry Contact Wiring



    User Guides
    MicroPanel™ Design Guide
    Photosensor Placement Guide
    GR2400™ QuickStart Guide
    GR2400 New Construction Planning Guide
    GR2400™ O&M Manual
    xCella Pairing Guide
    xCella Door Sensor Installation Guide
    xCella Wall Occ Installation Guide
    xCella Wireless Switch Installation Guide
    xCella Wireless Keycard Installation Guide
    xCella Lamp Control Module Installation Guide
    xCella Door/Window Sensor Installation Guide
    xCella Ceiling Occ Installation Guide
    Chelsea AP Switch Programming Guide

    Programming Sheets
    GR2400™ Final Activation Checklist
    GR2400™ Basic Programming Guide

    Hardware Guides
    GR2400™ Relay Panel Installation Guide
    Link-To™ DMX Manual 

    Specification Documents
    Download Section 260943 Network Lighting Control System Specification
    xCella CSI Specs


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