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Acuity Controls™

It's Not Just Smarter, It's Easier

Acuity Controls is advanced lighting controls technology, service and support from a single expert source. We offer one of the industry's most extensive product portfolios for indoor and outdoor lighting applications. Our product solutions include occupancy sensors, photocell sensors, centralized and distributed systems, panels, fixture-integrated sensors, and wired and wireless lighting control systems that simply work.

nLight® nLight®

The nLight solution is a digital networked lighting control system that provides both energy savings and increased user configurability by cost effectively integrating time-based, daylight-based, sensor-based and manual lighting control schemes.

Sensor Switch® Sensor Switch®

Sensor Switch solutions are a leader in lighting control innovation, offering a broad selection of stand-alone to fully networked controls to meet every application need. This specific lighting control system can manage multiple lighting zones from a centralized location while accurately scheduling times to shut off lights to save costs.

Fresco™ Fresco™

The Fresco family of high-performance lighting controls provides a network of lighting management panels, third-party integration solutions and configuration software working together to manage multiple light sources in multiple lighting zones.


The DTL product line is the leader in high-quality, cost-effective electronic outdoor photocontrols. Energy efficient and exceptionally reliable, DTL products are designed for a variety of applications including roadway, area lighting, floodlights, security and residential.


The ROAM system is a wireless outdoor lighting management system that helps minimize maintenance costs, optimize energy use and provide an improved nighttime environment.

XPoint™ Wireless XPoint™ Wireless

XPoint™ Wireless technology, a flexible, wireless lighting control system for high bay and parking garage applications, enables users to configure lighting in zones or as individual luminaires, allowing light level adjustment for occupancy, available daylight, wall stations, time of day, BMS integration or critical load shed events.

Blue Box™ Blue Box™

The Blue Box system is a simple, cost-effective alternative to traditional time clocks, twist timers and contactors. Available in three enclosure sizes, the Blue Box family is the ideal solution for most small to medium-sized projects.

Synergy® Synergy®

Synergy Lighting Controls unites all aspects of lighting controls – including switching, architectural dimming, intelligent ballast controls, occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting – into a single system. Synergy systems are scalable to fit the needs of the space and are easily customized.


LC&D systems offer practical hardware and software solutions ranging from switching and dimming relay panels and fixture modules to versatile floor plan software and building automation interfaces. Systems are digital and scalable, eliminating the need for complex choices about which "level" of system to use.

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