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DTL® Outdoor Lighting Controls

The DTL product line is the leader in high-quality, cost-effective electronic outdoor photocontrols. Energy efficient and exceptionally reliable, DTL products are designed for a variety of applications including roadway, area lighting, floodlights, security and residential.

The DTL family now includes networked wireless photocontrols for long-life LED applications that create a foundation network canopy for smart cities.


  • Uses reliable electronic circuitry technology
  • Reduces day burners
  • Saves energy during peak periods
  • Cuts overall maintenance costs
  • Features photocontrols that run cool, increasing the life of the control and photosensor

A Solution for Every Need


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Smart Cities

The DSN solution offers enhanced functionality and adaptive control of LED street-lighting systems, an ideal infrastructure platform for delivering critical outdoor applications such as traffic management, smart metering and other outdoor internet of things technologies.

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LED Compatibilty

DSN, DLL Elite and Connect series LED photocontrols feature a design life of 20+ years, superior in-rush current and surge-protection features to match the extended life and low-maintenance benefits associated with LED fixtures.


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Remote Control 

Connect Series photocontrols provide remote connectivity to lighting fixtures, allowing you to enable or disable the photocontrol from the ground. This control is ideal for security and area lighting applications.

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Standard, Intelligent and Wire-in Photocontrols plus Accessories 

Choose from a comprehensive assortment of photocontrols to meet all your needs — ranging from our energy-saving part-night controls, intelligent HPS cycling controls and premium silicone filter controls to inline controls for decorative fixtures where NEMA receptacles are not available and a variety of accessories.

Featured Product

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DTL DSN networked photocontrols enable you to create the perfect network canopy application for a robust and secure smart city. With access to the Itron® network platform, DSN provides one network for critical infrastructure and smart city applications, enabling enhanced functionality and adaptive control of your LED street-lighting system.

  • Integration with the Itron network platform of over 27 million devices worldwide
  • Rugged and robust design with superior inrush and surge protection
  • Group response to motion sensor input from pedestrian and vehicular traffic

The DTL Difference

The DTL brand, a trusted name in the outdoor lighting controls market since 1990, has created some of the most reliable products to be used in the field.

In today’s growing LED market, the DTL brand continues this trend by utilizing TRIAC assisted relay circuitry in its LED photocontrols. A TRIAC, being a solid-state device, ensures precise switching control versus zero-cross relays to provide consistent long-life LED performance. The TRIAC protects the relay during switching cycles, offering superior inrush protection leading to low inrush current with low-voltage switch on and no inductive arcing with low-current switch off.

DTL photocontrols, which are among the most ubiquitous outdoor photocontrols, are built using well designed electronic circuitry. They run cool, consume less energy and offer consistent performance over voltage ranges and time. Explore the difference in electronic photocontrol with Dark to Light.

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