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What Healthcare Lighting® Offers

The Healthcare Lighting® brand was founded with a singular mission: to deliver high-quality lighting systems that contribute to positive patient outcomes. Our solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of the healthcare environment, enhancing the patient experience while enabling caregiver effectiveness and performance. Our commitment is manifested through tailored light distributions, intuitive controls and ease of maintenance. Click here to see our Healthcare Lighting branded products.

Featured Products

HSTL™ Troffer

Healthcare Lighting®

Powerful illumination and color accuracy for a medical team’s visual acuity in clean rooms, exam rooms and surgical suites

Healthcare_Product-Offering-Entera-LED-1_900x600 png

Healthcare Lighting®

Elegant patient room luminaire with tailorable light levels for a visually comfortable patient experience

Healthcare_Product-Offering-Chrysalite-1_900x600 png
Chrysalite LED

Healthcare Lighting®

Headwall illumination designed to deliver with multiple light levels and extra exam functionality

Specialty Healthcare Spaces

Create a complete solution with Acuity Brands healthcare products for the surgical suite and beyond.


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