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Trilume PCX™

A twist on the typical three-compartment form, the Trilume PCX luminaire is designed to focus on the patient and caregiver alike. LEARN MORE

Product Offering

    Healthcare_Product-Offering-HCL-Trilume png Trilume PCX™

    Healthcare Lighting®

    Simple, modern architectural lighting for patient comfort paired with high performance for caregiver needs

    Healthcare_Product-Offering-Entera-LED-1_900x600 png Entera™

    Healthcare Lighting®

    Elegant patient room luminaire with tailorable light levels for a visually comfortable patient experience

    Healthcare_Product-Offering-Chrysalite-1_900x600 png Chrysalite

    Healthcare Lighting®

    Headwall illumination designed to deliver with multiple light levels and extra exam functionality

    Healthcare_Product-Offering-EVO-Surgical-Downlights-1_900x600 png Evo® Surgical Downlights

    Gotham® Architectural Lighting

    Healthcare_Product-Offering-HSTLED-1_900x600 png HST LED

    Healthcare Lighting®

    Surgical troffers designed to perform and last, reducing downtime, while providing LED energy efficiency

    Healthcare_Product-Offering-EVO-MRI-1_900x600 jpg Evo® MRI

    Gotham® Architectural Lighting

    Downlight offering performance and design options never before available for complicated diagnostic spaces

    Healthcare_Product-Offering-Spectra-SF-LED-1_900x600 png Spectra SF LED

    Healthcare Lighting®

    Low-profile luminaires that provide uniform, glare-fee task lighting for typically hard-to-light spaces, like under cabinets

    Healthcare_Product-Offering-Whisper-Transparent_900x600 png Whisper

    Mark Architectural Lighting™

    Appealing luminaires with multiple aesthetics, lumen packages and controls, for tailoring to any architectural space

    Healthcare_Product-Offering-EVO6_900x600 png Evo® 6" Downlight

    Gotham® Architectural Lighting

    Downlights that deliver precisely the performance characteristics specified using the most up-to-date, energy efficient configurations available

    Healthcare_Product-Offering-LL-BLT_900x600 png BLT

    Lithonia Lighting®

    Affordable, low-profile, recessed luminaires with integrated control options

    What We Offer

    We offer thoughtful, innovative lighting solutions for patient-care settings and surgical, procedure and diagnostic applications. This unique healthcare focus has allowed us to become a trusted partner with many architects and engineers as they incorporate evidence-based design considerations in today's modern healthcare facilities. Our mission is to provide the highest quality, best performing lighting solutions available in the healthcare industry and to offer lighting systems uniquely focused on the well-being of the people in care environments.


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