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Visual Lighting Software

In addition to our light fixtures, controls and daylighting solutions, Acuity Brands is dedicated to delivering a complete set of complementary, innovative lighting design software tools to deliver highly efficient, sustainable design methods and product applications.  Visual is a sophisticated suite of lighting software solutions designed for demanding interior and exterior applications.   Engineered by Acuity Brands, Visual increases productivity and accuracy throughout the entire lighting design process. Combining lighting and energy calculation tools with powerful 3D modeling software, Visual simplifies design and provides comprehensive intelligence and analysis for advanced lighting projects.
Visual combines an advanced 3-D interface with the latest advances in radiosity theory to provide efficient and highly accurate analysis of complex architectural spaces.
Download Visual 2012 today and start your free 1 month trial.

Visual Design Tools

The Visual design Tools are a set of free web based tools  that allow users to get quick answers for many common lighting scenarios while they are selecting products online. Below are links to each tool, as well as a description of the tool. You can find video tutorials for each tool under the tool's help menu or at
area tool_64 png THE AREA TOOL
The Area Tool will calculate the optimal pole spacing between 4 poles. This is a scenario typical of parking lots or other open areas.
cost tool_64 png THE ECONOMIC TOOL
The Economic Tool allows for the comparison of three lighting systems' life time cost following RP-31.
floodlight tool_64 png THE FLOODLIGHT TOOL
The Floodlight Tool can calculate the number of light fixtures required to illuminate a surface based on your criteria.
interior tool_64 png THE INTERIOR TOOL
The Interior Tool will calculate the number of light fixtures needed to meet an average amount of illumination across the workplane for an enclosed rectangular room.
photometric tool_64 png THE PHOTOMETRIC TOOL
The Photometric Tool provides a rich array of charts and tables summarizing the photometric performance of a light fixture.
roadway tool_64 png THE ROADWAY TOOL
The Roadway Tool will find the optimal spacing for poles along a roadway using the criteria and procedures set forth by the IES for Roadway lighting.
The Simple Economic Tool is for quick and simple electricity savings analysis on your phone, tablet, or laptop.
template tool_64 png THE TEMPLATE TOOL
The Template Tool can be used to view iso-illuminance contours also called templates.
wallwash tool_64 png THE WALLWASH TOOL
The Wallwash Tool can calculate the number of light fixtures required to illuminate a surface based on your criteria.