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There are moments and spaces in life when there are opportunities to be extraordinary — to move beyond what is standard and ordinary. In those moments, choose a custom lighting solution from Acuity Brands!

Dare to Dream Big

The Custom Architectural Lighting Solutions team will collaborate with you to bring your unique vision to life. If you prefer to keep the best of the old, we are experts at replicating legacy luminaires or even restoring vintage fixtures to their original glory, utilizing today’s technology.

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Custom Lighting

A custom design begins with an idea or vision. From there, our skilled designers and artisans collaborate with you to bring that idea to life. Form, scale, performance, material and cost are all considered during the design phase. Working closely with you, the Custom Architectural Lighting Group creates lighting solutions elevating any project from ordinary to extraordinary.

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Historic Restoration

Modern tools in the hands of experienced craftsmen can reproduce luminaires that blend with (or replace) legacy fixtures. Enabled by the latest design software, innovative manufacturing processes and artisan finishing techniques, we can replicate period pieces from original drawings, photographs or existing luminaires. Quality, safety and the lighting ambiance of historic luminaires are enhanced by the integration of Acuity Brands high-performance digital light engines and controls.

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Acuity Brands has a wonderful selection of Architectural products from Winona®, Mark Architectural Lighting™, Peerless®, Healthcare Lighting® and Hydrel® available to be transformed for your space. By combining standard elements with custom modifications, you can create a special luminaire for your project while saving both time and cost.


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Custom Architectural Lighting Solutions

Learn how your dream can be reality! Our design, engineering and manufacturing craftsmen are ready to skillfully balance form, scale, materials, finishes and technology to achieve your vision.
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Custom Architectural Lighting Capabilities

Full-service design and project partnership. State of the art manufacturing capabilities optimized for the project. Refined materials and finishing techniques.
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Custom Architectural Lighting in Action

Our Custom Architectural Lighting Solutions team will work with you to create your one-of-a-kind custom luminaire or to replicate or restore your vintage light fixture.