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Introducing Mainstream Dynamic

Transform your everyday spaces with a simplified, holistic dynamic solution for mainstream applications – only from Acuity Brands.

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Why Mainstream Dynamic™?

Mainstream Dynamic by Acuity Brands is a simplified, holistic dynamic solution for mainstream applications.

With exciting, dynamic features once reserved for niche applications, you can now transform your everyday spaces with WarmDim®, Tunable White, Architainment Color, Grayscale and Color Accent, and ChromaControl™ options.

Dynamic lighting is complex, but Acuity Brands has made it simple by offering you a complete solution that is easy to install, configure and maintain in mainstream applications. And because it’s A+ Certified, you can rest assured that the interoperable Mainstream Dynamic solution will function – and the space will look – exactly the way you’ve envisioned

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feature images1 jpg WARM DIM®
Create a welcoming environment
feature images2 jpg TUNABLE WHITE
Foster a connection with nature
feature images3 jpg ARCHITAINMENT COLOR
Set the scene with color
MRK_5314_RUBIK Spec Sheet Images_0816_Mainstream Dynamic_Icon_Greyscale-01 jpg GRAYSCALE
Create subtle natural environments
MRK_5314_RUBIK Spec Sheet Images_0816_Mainstream Dynamic_Icon_Color_Accent-01 jpg COLOR ACCENT
Add an element of color
feature images6 jpg CHROMACONTROL™
Tunable White with enhanced mood-setting capabilities